Rotherham Greens welcome latest poll news

The Green Party candidate for Rotherham, Tony Mabbott, welcomed internal polling that showed the Party on course to win two safe Conservative seats.


Tony said: “This is further proof that there is no longer a ‘typical’ Green seat – the Green Party is predicted to win MPs in formerly safe Conservative areas in Suffolk, Norfolk and Herefordshire, as well as in previous Labour strongholds.”

“Taken together with the Green Party’s record breaking performance in last month’s local elections in Labour’s former northern strongholds such as South Tyneside, Merseyside, Leeds, Bradford and Rotherham, it shows that there are no longer any no go areas for the Green Party.”

He concluded: “Last month’s Local Election results across Rotherham Constituency show that, in terms of votes per candidate, the Green Party is ahead of the other parties and snapping at Labour’s heels in second place.

Voters in Rotherham no longer have to choose between the lesser of two evils – they can vote Green for real hope and real change.”

Conservative government has “abandoned Rotherham”, say Greens

The Conservatives failing to stand a candidate in Rotherham is proof that the Government has abandoned the town, says local Green candidate Tony Mabbott.

He said, “This heartless Government abandoned northern towns like Rotherham long ago. Not even putting a candidate on the ballot paper in Rotherham for July’s General Election shows that even they admit it.”

“Because there is no Tory candidate in the election, Labour can no longer use the tired old scare tactic of saying that if people vote Green they will let the Tories in. That can’t happen this time, so voters have an opportunity to vote Green and hold the next Labour Government to account.”

“So, I’d like to thank the Conservatives for giving local people the chance to choose real hope and real change over the old two party politics of division and disillusionment. They no longer have to choose between the lesser of two evils. They can vote Green in Rotherham and start to fix broken Britain.”

Green Party Manifesto Launch

Rotherham Green candidate Tony Mabbott welcomed the launched of this year’s Green Party Manifesto, calling it “serious, honest and ambitious“.

Tony said: “Only the Green Party is serious about tackling the major problems facing the country, honest about the resources needed to do so, and ambitious enough to put in place radical change that will help us meet the needs of current and future generations”

“The old parties are vying with each other to say that they won’t raise taxes, but this will inevitably mean more cuts to essential services after election, hitting the most vulnerable first. The Green Party is the only one honest enough to reject this approach and say that greater investment is needed, not more cuts”

“Millions of people are living in substandard housing or have no secure home at all. Fixing this is a priority, but will cost billions to put into practice. The Green Party would find this by taxing the super-rich – those with assets of more than £10 million.”

“The same applies to the much needed investment in finding for repairs to hospital buildings and increased availability of social care.”

“And all of these measures will also help to save us from the worst impact of the climate emergency – hospitals and homes build to strict environmentally friendly standards are good for those who use the buildings, good for those who pay the bills on the buildings and good for all of us, as they will help us transform our economy to a climate neutral one.”

“During the past decade or so of Tory government a few have become even richer while most of us have suffered for the Government’s greed, callousness and incompetence. To change this we need to raise a modest amount from the very wealthy and use that where it is most needed.”

“The people of this country are being offered more the same by the old parties when they need real hope for real change. That’s what the Green Party, and only the Green Party, can deliver.”




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