Emily West - your candidate for Rother Valley

To stay in the EU, take bold climate action and change politics for good


Emily West - proud to be raised in Rotherham


I am proud to have been raised in Rotherham.

At University I campaigned for various welfare issues including mental health and I currently work with young offenders. I actively campaign for social equality and environmental action as coordinator of Rotherham Green Party







Caroline Lucas Endorsement

"This general election isnt just about Brexit - this is about the country we live in. 

The time for climate action is now - Please vote Green. Vote for Emily West."

Caroline Lucas MP





Yes to Europe

Westminster politicians have failed us all on Brexit.

Greens will give power back to people to decide the way forward with a People's vote. Greens would campaign to Remain in the EU for the benefit of everyone.

No to climate chaos

Greens have led the way for years on tackling climate chaos.

Every vote for the Greens helps speed up climate action. This means cheaper energy, better transport, warmer homes and hundreds of thousands of new decent jobs.

A fairer Britain

Britain is more divided than ever and this has got worse since the Brexit vote.

Only Greens will take the action needed to transform Britain so it works for everyone again.


"We have endured ten years of damaging cuts in all aspects of our lives. We are threatened by irreversible changes to our climate which has been polluted and exploited by corporate greed. We need radical change if we care to avert climate breakdown. A vote for me, Emily West, is a vote for a greener future."

Emily west - Anti - fracking campaigning

Emily West













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Vote for Emily - 12th December