Rotherham Green Party Elects New Joint Leadership Team

18 January 2019

Rotherham Green Party is extremely excited to announce It's new leadership team for 2019. Emily West and Rebecca Whyman have been elected Joint Coordinators of Rotherham Green Party. 

Emily becomes the youngest ever leader of a local political party in Rotherham. Emily who is a star rising star of the Green Party of England and Wales and is very popular in the Young Greens movement said "I can't wait to get started, it's an exciting time in politics both nationally and locally, and as Green's we are aiming to play a big part in Rotherham's future". 

Emily West    Rebecca Whyman

Above left - Co-Chair Emily West                Above Right - Co-Chair Rebecca Whyman

Rebecca brings huge experience of Rotherham's political scene having already helped lead Rotherham Green Party into the 2016 local council elections when Greens got their best ever result in Rotherham. They achieved votes from over 14% of those who cast a ballot in the 13 wards where Greens were contesting. Already an experienced local councillor, Bex has served for several years on Hellaby Parish Council. Bex said "we're aiming to establish the Green Party as a real force in Rotherham politics and to provide a decent and thorough opposition to a complacent Labour Party that Rotherham presently lacks. Rotherham faces many serious environmental challenges, not least from fracking and the disastrous and destructive HS2 initiative. We as Greens want to be the voice of our local residents. "

Stepping down as Coordinator is another of one of the Green Party's experienced parish councillors, Paul Martin. Paul said "I'm really looking forward to supporting Emily and Bex in their new role, they are both passionate, gifted and exciting young leaders.  We as Rotherham Green Party can look forward to an exciting era on our journey, and for the journey of Rotherham as a whole.

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