WAF twice defended against fracking - now they are back!

We were disgusted to find out that INEOS plans to contest the twice won argument that fracking is not welcome in the Rotherham area. Woodsetts against fracking (WAF) have battled hard and continue to do so. We stand in solidarity with WAF. Co-Chair Emily West will be talking to the supporters of the group whose primary focus is to legally obstruct any planning permissions sought for shale gas exploration or extraction near the Woodsetts village.

Emily West

A representative of the group came to our recent meeting and informed us of the devastation that is being brought upon Rotherham. Rebecca Whyman the Co-Coordinator for the Rotherham Greens is heartbroken that the system appears to be failing the people and the environment. Bex said, "I find it utterly unbelievable that any company is allowed to come back and attack a village for a third time. When will large companies understand that it's not all about money or growth! My heart goes out to the village of Woodsetts. But what next? We must stand together and help WAF. There is a possibility that if the appeal is refuted for a third time that it may be stopped in its tracks. I'm hopeful for that. What an amazing feat the WAF group have achieved so far and I wish every bit of luck for them to be successful.

We are looking forward to seeing and discussing the amount of support that the demonstration will bring today.

How can you help?

Come along and support the protest, any time you can spare will be much appreciated. Browse the website to see how you can be of more assistance. The inquiry begins on the 11th June and continues for a week. Links below

When: 11th June 2019 starts at 8.30am

Where: Riverside House, Main Street, Rotherham, S60 1AE

Who: Anyone who wants to oppose fracking!



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